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Woven Wraps – Need help with sizes?

Woven Wraps – Need help with sizes?
Are you new to using woven wraps and don’t know where to start? This page will give you a basic idea on how to choose the correct woven wrap size for your needs. It can also be useful if you are looking to use a woven wrap for hip carries or back carries once you have mastered front carries.

It is advisable to begin with front carries if you aren’t familiar to woven wraps. The ‘front wrap cross carry’ is a 3 pass carry and the one usually taught first. Being a 3 pass carry, it takes up the most material and so you should base your decision on this. Your ‘base size’ is the size you will need for this (the size of woven wrap needed for you to be able to do most carries in). The average sized person (height and build) will have the base size of 4.6m (size 6). If you’re petite or short, you will manage with a size 5 (4.2m) woven wrap. If you’re very tall or ‘fluffier’, you will need a size 7 (5.2m) woven wrap.

If you are looking for a woven wrap to use mainly for hip carries, size 4 is the ideal size woven wrap. Once again, you can go up a size to a size 5, if you are taller/fluffier. I generally don’t suggest you go down a size for smaller, just incase it becomes slightly too short for all carries.

If you are wanting to back carry, you are able to do so in the longer lengths. A basic ‘ruck’ back carry is the most common ‘first’ back carry as it’s the simplest one to do. There are so many variations of tying once you have mastered a ruck, that you can use these to use up excess length. Moving on from a ruck, there are back carries which have 2 or 3 passes, where you would prefer a longer length, such as a size 5 or size 6.

When deciding on a size for your woven wrap purchase, you may want to consider that there is ofter a variation to a carry, where you can use a shorter length than you’d normally expect, for example, a fwcc (front wrap cross carry) is generally carried out using a size 6 woven wrap, but a short fwcc tas (short front wrap cross carry tied at the shoulder can be dont using a woven wrap at least one size smaller than your base size.

If I have completely confused you, message me, I’m happy to help

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