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Tula Free To Grow Carrier

Tula free-to-grow carrier

Clementine is 23months and 10kg

The Tula free-to-grow carrier has finally made it to our NSW site and I’ve been itching to test it out. Having been a Tula fan for a while, I was keen to try out the new features offered by this convertible carrier. So here are some of my thoughts about this carrier, and some snapshots of our adventures with it.


One of the first things I notice is the fabric is cotton as opposed to the usual canvas of the basic Tula carrier. It definitely feels cool and thin, as if it would dry quick in summer or after a wash. It’s interesting, it makes the carrier feel lightweight whilst being worn as well. I found the fabric to be breathable and comfortable to wear. It was also feather light to carry and folded away nicely.


The adjustable width at the base of the seat is what makes this carrier different from the standard Tula carrier. With 3
different settings for width, that’s what makes this carrier suitable for all ages as it can be adjusted without the need for a bulky infant insert. Personally I don’t prefer to use an infant insert from birth, but if I was to use a structured carrier from a young age something adjustable would be my choice. The free to grow instruction manual states that this carrier is recommended from 3.2kg so this wouldn’t be a suitable choice for a smaller newborn.


I used this carrier on the widest setting for my toddler and it still doesn’t come knee-to-knee on her. It doesn’t feel like the widest setting of the base is not as wide as the standard Tula carrier we currently use. But according to the babytula website the widest setting on the free to grow and the standard Tula carrier are the same width. I also had it on the tallest height setting, also useful for adjusting for various sized babies. As my baby is older, the fact that she’s taller and her knee to knee gap is wider than the base isn’t important so long as she won’t fall out or be uncomfortable. Her hips are spread, and her knees would be higher than her bum if she wasn’t pushing up to kiss me while we took this picture.


The free to grow carrier is suitable for both front and back carries depending on the age of your baby. We recommend not back carrying a baby that cannot sit unassisted, your baby should be able to support themselves upright in the carrier.


The carrier still has
padded leg opening and padded shoulder straps for comfort. I comfortably carried my baby uphill and up stairs on our trek until she wanted to walk.


The free to grow carrier retails at $229 whereas the standard Tula retails at $199 (but does require an additional infant insert for use for babies under 6 months old at the cost of $55 bringing the cost to $254).



So if you’re looking to buy a structured carrier that is easy to use from birth to
toddlerhood, this carrier is probably a good option.

It’s easily adjustable for all ages and sizes.

It’s supportive from 3kg to 25kg.

It’s comfortable and easy to use likes the original Tula carrier.

And the fabric is just really nice to touch.


Tula are now making the free to grow in the coast style with the mesh panel so there’s another variation of this carrier.


If you have any questions about this carrier, or would like to try one from our store, please contact us on our website or on our Facebook page

Love kirryn xx

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