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TICKS and Baby Wearing Safety

TICKS and Safe Baby Wearing

With the safety of baby wearing being in the news in the last few days here in Australia, I thought that I’d write a post on the subject.

Here is a link to the heart breaking story (source: Sydney Morning Herald).

In Australia there are no safety standards yet. Most manufacturers do follow standards though, those set by the US or UK. In Australia, we find many counterfeit carriers, where ‘fake’ ones can often be found on marketplace or auction websites for ‘bargain’ prices. If you feel that you can benefit from one of these, you need to consider that the dyes may contain harmful chemicals and things such as stitching may be inferior.

While ‘fake’ carriers may be unsafe, other carriers such as sub-optimal carriers aren’t. These are ones often found in well known stores, but often fail to place your baby in an ergonomic position and/or don’t spread weight well on you, causing a sore, aching back. Safety is imperative, it’s up the you as an individual what brand you use, but your love for your baby determines that safety is of the utmost importance.

If you choose to use a pram, it has buckles, why? It comes with instructions, why? Is it so that your baby is safe? Instructions exist for safety reasons. A pram is a safe tool to transport your baby ‘when used correctly’. The same is true with woven wraps, ring slings, and soft structured carriers.

A guideline has been devised by a consortium of UK manufacturers and retailers. It explains 5 basic points to Safe Baby Wearing. Please read it or download it (link is to the School of Baby Wearing download)

If you doubt that you are wearing your baby safely, always check the guideline above,
ask someone with experience and/or go to a local sling meet. If it still doesn’t feel safe, don’t wear your baby. I wouldn’t risk the safety of mine.

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