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The new Ruckeli Slim

The new Ruckeli Slim

Ruckeli have brought out a slim version of their carrier. If you aren’t familiar with the Ruckeli baby to toddler carrier, you can read more details here: Ruckeli

We have been super impressed with this carrier from the start; it fits a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it adjusts really well (our 4yo still fits in one!). We’ve tested these on different sizes users and babies and the fit has always been amazing for front carries. For back carries, small frames always struggle with finding that ‘perfect’ carrier, where you may want your little one to sit that little bit higher than they do. Our 9 year old has always found this. He’s average height for a 9 year old and slim – there was no way he could back carry in a buckled carrier until now. Scroll down for a picture! This is awesome – the new Slim Ruckeli is the only carrier that I have ever seem to fit so well on a 9 year old child (and with 5 children, I’ve seen a lot of carriers (and also researched and tried brands for research for stock purposes)). Granted, my 9 year old is not going to carry often, but I have friends who are very petite and these are awesome. In the picture, the shoulder straps still have room for adjustment too!

Here’s Ruckeli’s specifics:

  • New model with modified shoulder straps
    a good fit for all sizes
  • adjustable to the size of the baby
  • Supports the ergonomic positioning of baby for a healthy development of the hip joints and a good posture of the back
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Headrest for a good head support of a sleeping baby
  • Rolled up and tucked into it, the carrier waist forms a convenient pouch to stow the carrier
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to wide but flat shoulder straps, which help to relieve the back and make it easy to wear under a jacket or backpack
  • Especially soft and skin-friendly fabrics and straps
  • BPA free, nickel free, without optical brightener
  • Nappy area can be washed separately
  • Fairly manufactured in the EU according to DIN EN 13209-2 for baby carriers
  • Suitable for babies and children from 3.5 kg – 20 kg
  • Waist belt adjustable from 75cm – 125cm (extension + 20cm available at no additional cost)
  • Weight 790g
  • Recommended by midwives and orthopedists
  • Used by Kanga-trainers (suitable for exercise classes tailored to the use of carriers)
  • Award winning


(carrier width has further adjustment. Height isn’t even to allow for one arm out, while keeping good back support.)



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