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Vanilla Ozi Summer Body Cream 125ml

Does its packaging remind you of a certain product that is no longer available? There’s a reason for that 😉 Vanilla Ozi is the beautiful vanilla and spearmint smelling cream, back once more with a new name.


Enjoy the luscious scent of Vanilla and Spearmint all year long in this beautiful body cream. Crammed with high quality ingredients including plant oils, shea butter, coconut oil and vanilla extract, this cream will bring your senses to life.

The smooth texture and gentle scent is perfect for sensitive skin. Treat yourself and your family to the true magic of vanilla.

Made by Vanilla Mozi PTY LTD – an Australian Made and Owned Company. And a Licensee with Choose Cruelty-Free.

*does not contain palm oil

Please store Vanilla Ozi Summer Body Cream in a dry, cool environment below 86℉ (30 ℃). In hot areas, it is recommended to keep Vanilla Ozi Summer Body Cream in the fridge.

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