Pop-In Wipes: Reusable Bamboo Wipes with Waterproof Tote

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Reusable Pop-in wipes are pretty and perfect for the busy mum or the new parent who wants to give baby the best and keep the budget in check too!  

Makes Life Simpler  Gorgeously soft, indulgently gentle, these bamboo wipes are naturally antibacterial, so no nasty chemicals on your baby’s mouth, hands or bottoms. In delightful colours, both brights and pastels, they’ll coordinate beautifully with Pop-in wet bags.

To make it easy for you to store your stash, you get each set of 10 wipes packaged prettily in a sweet waterproof tote in the same design as the Pop-in Wet Bags.   

Makes Parenting Easier Reusable wipes are an easy way to save money on disposables while giving your baby a chemical-free way to clean hands, mouth and bottom! Truly versatile, these bamboo wipes aren’t just great for baby, they’re amazing around the house as well. Yes, you can easily use them in the kitchen as well! Reusable means you never ever run out of a wipe! Need one? Just wash and dry in minutes. Being reusable and made from bamboo means that you’re keeping landfills less crowded, helping the planet and taking a “baby” step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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