Woven Wraps

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Woven Wraps

What is a woven wrap?

Woven wraps are basically a long length of material, approximately 70cm wide, shaped like a parallelogram. You wrap a woven wrap around your body, to secure your baby against you. They’re very versatile and a great number of techniques can be used, many having names (incase you’d like to search on YouTube), such as Double Hammock, Kangaroo Carry, Robins Hip Carry, Poppins Hip Carry and so forth.

When tightened well, a woven wrap will feel very supportive and comfortable as they are great for evenly distributing weight across your body. As a weave has diagonal stretch only, a woven wrap will feel supportive from newborn through toddlerhood. Front, hip and back carries are possible.

Our favourite brand for an awesome all rounder is Storchenwiege. We only stock brands that we love.

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