Ring Slings

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What is a ring sling?

A ring sling is a piece of material, usually about 70cm wide, by 1.9-2.1m long, with 2 rings sewn in at one end. For safety, the rings should be strong, non-welded, ideally made specifically for ring slings. We stock ring slings that are made using SlingRings™, which are industry leaders and strength tested.

A ring sling is ideal for a newborn as you can have it quite tight before you pop baby in, so not much adjusting is necessary. They’re also ideal for older babies and toddlers, for a quick pop into a shop. Being a one shouldered carrier, unless you get it tightened and the material spread well, it can become uncomfortable after a time with an older baby or toddler.

Once a ring sling has been threaded, it doesn’t need to be taken apart after each use, it can be slackened and left ready for next use, making it a quick, easy to use carrier, once you know what you’re doing. They’re the perfect, quick, fuss free carrier for a newborn, but there can be a learning curve to be had to begin with. If you’re able to watch a video or be shown in person, a ring sling can be simple to use first go. Ring slings are great for quick trips and for sitting down in, for example, with a small, sleeping baby or for an aeroplane trip.

Our recommendation is a Comfy Joey ring sling. These offer good support, being linen, as well as airy and lightweight. Ring slings come in varying shoulder styles, with a Comfy Joey being a hybrid shoulder, the most versatile and comfortable shoulder style available. Comfy Joey ring slings also come with a ‘How To’ DVD.

Our top tips are:

A good steam iron to help soften material, it makes tightening easier. So does supporting baby’s weight as you tighten, taking the pressure off the rings.

To wash, unthread fully and pop a sock over the rings to protect your machine from the banging.

Don’t try and pop baby in when the ring sling is very slack, aim to have ‘just enough’ room to pop baby in. Less tightening helps keep baby feel secure and supported more quickly.