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Ruckeli Baby to Toddler Carrier.

A great all season carrier, with amazing support for both you and your little one, without the bulk of many carriers. The Ruckeli Carrier is a multiple position baby carrier made of organic cotton.

baby to toddler carrier, organic cottonmade in Europe

Ruckeli Baby carriers

The Ruckeli Baby to Toddler Carrier is an all-round healthy and comfortable wearing is what you’ll get with a Ruckeli. Being close to you in the Ruckeli baby carrier gives your baby comfort while you gain much more freedom of movement in everyday life. Very soft, skin-friendly 100% organic cotton.

•adaptable to the size of baby

•supports ergonomic squat spread position

•headrest with certified UV protection UPF 15+ according to Australian Standard (HOHENSTEIN Institute) in all BASIC models

•excellent wearing comfort by flat shoulder straps, not bulky and hot, yet incredibly supportive

•distribution of the weight on the hips to the Backpack Principle

•4-way belt system for added security

•BPA-free, nickel-free, free of optical brighteners

•fair produced in the EU in accordance with DIN EN 13209-2: 2005 (DE) for babywearing

•100% organic cotton

•Machine wash at 30 ° C, the nappy area washes separately

•suitable for babies and children weighing 3.5 – 20 kg

•Recommended by midwives and orthopedists

Ruckeli baby carrier back carryRuckeli baby carrier front carryhip seat baby carrierhip carry example - Ruckeli baby carrier


Wearing Styles

Front carrying method

Your baby is close to you. Even your eye contact ensures that your baby feels safe and secure.

front carry, Ruckeli baby carrierfront carry, Ruckeli baby carrier


Low waist bag – hip seat

Ruckeli’s special touch. The carrier easily stowed in itself constitutes the practical baby and child seat. Your little one will for sure like to be on your hip with a lot of freedom to see around. And one more thing, your back will thank you.

stored Ruckeli baby carrier


Back position

From sitting age you can try the Back position and enjoy more freedom of movement in everyday life. With the increasing weight of your baby this carrying method is very well suited for longer distances because your back is significantly relieved.

back carry, Ruckeli baby carrier

Hip carry

With a few simple steps you can your child on the hip. Now your child has the perfect view of the world, yet can at any time turn away from the environment and looking to you for protection.


features of the Ruckeli baby carrier

One carrier – many advantages


Headrest with UV protection

•supports the head when your baby sleeps

•also protects against wind and weather

•with UV protection UPF 15 tested to Australian Standard (HOHENSTEIN Institute)

•with elastic press studded hood straps for easy attachment of the headrest on shoulder

•simply roll up and fix the soft Velcro pads

Infinitely adjustable backrest extension

•adapts to the size of your child

•is easy to adjust, even if your child is already sitting in the carrier

•Setting 26-43 cm


for easy opening and closing with just one hand

Loop end of the straps

for easy rolling up the strap ends

Low waist bag – Ruckeli’s special touch

•Carrying, curl and store – and ready as a low hip seat

•very useful for home, on the go and when your child often times just wants to arm playing

•the way for you to avoid doing permanent malposition of your hip and your back from arm carrying child

Convenient shoulder strap

•wide cut for an optimal distribution of weight

•softly padded and adapted to the body shape

•particularly flat cut for comfortable wearing under a jacket or a backpack

Safety belt (unique)

keeping your child secure during the fastening of the carrier and reduces the drop-out risk if the hip best is accidentally opened

Hip clasp

stable quality buckle for a secure fit of the support

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