Integra Baby

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Showing all 5 results

Integra Baby – designed by Sarah Sadler and made in the Uk from quality materials. Check out our blog posts on Integra Baby Carriers (links below)

Integra Baby

  • Optimal support and comfort for infant and carer.
  • Easy to adjust to different sizes.
  • Dual Adjustable buckles to ensure an easy close fit.
  • Soft waist to create a perfect fit every time.
  • Front and back carry options.
  • Ergonomic design for Birth to Toddler.
  • Compact and machine washable.
  • Trained and experienced support team.

For over a decade Sarah Sadler has worked alongside her family and team to bring you baby, toddler and preschool carriers of the highest quality.

Having carried all three of her children, Sarah absolutely understand the benefits that carrying your child bring to the whole family unit.

Integra ethics are fundamental. Exceptionally high standards are archieved with their products and all elements are carefully sourced. Integra choose vegetable inks, recycled card/paper and carbon neutral couriers. Integra offers fair working conditions, proudly supporting their staff through parenthood and family life. They source their production and resources very carefully. Integra take their responsibilities to the environment, and each other, consciously.

Integra are produced in the EU/UK and all Integra Baby items are designed, checked and packed by hand in the UK.

Sarah Sadler has been producing top quality and responsible baby carriers for years and has been working within the babywearing industry since 2006. The brands produced by Sarah Sadler are consistently the top choice for parents who are looking for quality, comfort and style as well as a product with true longevity.

At Integra the belief is in connecting with our community, and actively supporting sling libraries, community events and community fundraising efforts. If you’re part of a sling library or your an educator (in Australia) and would like to add an Integra Baby Carrier to your portfolio, get in touch with Carry My Baby

Size Guide

Integra Baby offers 3 different sizes – making carriers ideal for comfort and your growing needs.

Size 1

  • Suitable from newborn (7.5lb) until around 2 years of age
  • Use the Accessory Strap to cinch the waist of the carrier to make it suitable for small infants.
  • Front carries from birth
  • Back carries from when baby can sit independently around 6 months

Size 2

  • Suitable from around 18 months until your child is around 3.5 years of age
  • Front and back carries

Size 3

  • Suitable from around 3 years until around 5 years of age
  • Front and back carriers

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