Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

When choosing a baby carrier, it’s often a worry that it won’t fit, especially if you aren’t able to try it on beforehand. We aim to stock the best brands of baby carriers on the market, with the most universal fit, while not being overly complicated to use.

The most simple is the Integra Baby and Connecta Baby Carrier, just click, click, click and you’re ready to go. No additional adjustments and with the benefit of packing up small, to fit in your nappy bag or in your pram basket when not being used. They’re also lightweight and perfect for the Australian climate.

The Ruckeli Baby Carrier has been designed by dads to be functional and easy to use. With a unique safety mechanism, they’re a failsafe, with an additional bonus of a detachable panel, meaning that if your baby’s nappy leaks, you don’t need to wash the whole carrier. They fold away neatly into the waist band, so again convenient for travel as they’re easy to pack.

A half way between carrier is the Storchenwiege Half Buckle Carrier. If you love the idea of a woven wrap, but not it’s complexity, a half buckle may be perfect. These buckle around your waist, yet have long shoulder straps to wrap and tie.

All of the above offer panels (the part that your baby will sit in) that will fit your baby from newborn without an extra fiddle, right through to 2 years as a minimum. The Manduca Baby Carrier offers an inbuilt infant insert. This is a piece of material, fixed inside of the carrier that holds your little one above the waist, so as to protect your baby’s legs. We no longer stock baby carriers that require a doona-like infant insert. We don’t believe that you should have an additional expense of an insert on top of buying a carrier. They can also be very warm for your baby and make it more difficult to monitor your little one.

The baby carriers that we stock are great universal fits. If you and your partner are very different in stature, they should all accommodate both of you. If in doubt, please contact us and we can give specifics as we’ve fitted a lot of these. A couple of examples that we’ve found in the past that aren’t very universal are Kokadi Flips (they don’t fit broad people or very wide shoulder sizes), Lillebaby (don’t tighten sufficiently to offer support in dress size smaller than 10)