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Carry My Baby has travelling carriers. If you’d like the opportunity to ‘host’ one, join our Facebook Group. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get in touch to arrange.

Our Inda Jani traveller is currently a Fular Rayado; a beautiful, understated rainbow, that is soft and blankety, yet strong and supportive enough for the heaviest of toddlers. The journey can be followed here

We also have a ring sling currently touring. It’s a linen Comfy Joey in a beautiful green colour. Comfy Joey are a big US brand, that have stood the test of time, flourishing through the recession there and have just celebrated their 9th Anniversary. All Comfy Joey ring slings are made using Sling Rings, the industry standard and are available in 5 different lengths, to get the perfect fit for everyone. The current traveller is approximately 2 metres in length and being linen, is light, airy and still very strong.

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