Doll carriers

I love the closeness of our family. The older siblings always want to be involved and help with our baby. They’ve held her close in both a ring sling and a woven wrap, but I’m not confident in them walking far with her. They can be clumsy and she will feel heavy to them. So I wondered how they could still feel helpful when we are walking some distance…

What better way to make my children feel involved than to let them carry their favourite toys like mum does their sister?

Here, our baby is in a size 6 (size M) Lenny Lamb Roses woven wrap and my daughter’s doll is being carried in a doll woven wrap made by Storchenwiege. Both are woven material, the main difference is length and width. The Storchenwiege doll carriers look beautiful and are well priced. You know that they are well made and will be robust enough to last the thrashing that will occur. In my opinion, a Storchenwiege doll carrier is long enough for a child up to the age of 8 years old to use. Didymos offer a longer length doll carrier if one is desired.

My children have such adoration for their baby…

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