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The new Ruckeli Slim

The new Ruckeli Slim

Ruckeli have brought out a slim version of their carrier. If you aren’t familiar with the Ruckeli baby to toddler carrier, you can read more details here: Ruckeli

We have been super impressed with this carrier from the start; it fits a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it adjusts really well (our 4yo still fits in one!). We’ve tested these on different sizes users and babies and the fit has always been amazing for front carries. For back carries, small frames always struggle with finding that ‘perfect’ carrier, where you may want your little one to sit that little bit higher than they do. Our 9 year old has always found this. He’s average height for a 9 year old and slim – there was no way he could back carry in a buckled carrier until now. Scroll down for a picture! This is awesome – the new Slim Ruckeli is the only carrier that I have ever seem to fit so well on a 9 year old child (and with 5 children, I’ve seen a lot of carriers (and also researched and tried brands for research for stock purposes)). Granted, my 9 year old is not going to carry often, but I have friends who are very petite and these are awesome. In the picture, the shoulder straps still have room for adjustment too!

Here’s Ruckeli’s specifics:

  • New model with modified shoulder straps
    a good fit for all sizes
  • adjustable to the size of the baby
  • Supports the ergonomic positioning of baby for a healthy development of the hip joints and a good posture of the back
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Headrest for a good head support of a sleeping baby
  • Rolled up and tucked into it, the carrier waist forms a convenient pouch to stow the carrier
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to wide but flat shoulder straps, which help to relieve the back and make it easy to wear under a jacket or backpack
  • Especially soft and skin-friendly fabrics and straps
  • BPA free, nickel free, without optical brightener
  • Nappy area can be washed separately
  • Fairly manufactured in the EU according to DIN EN 13209-2 for baby carriers
  • Suitable for babies and children from 3.5 kg – 20 kg
  • Waist belt adjustable from 75cm – 125cm (extension + 20cm available at no additional cost)
  • Weight 790g
  • Recommended by midwives and orthopedists
  • Used by Kanga-trainers (suitable for exercise classes tailored to the use of carriers)
  • Award winning


(carrier width has further adjustment. Height isn’t even to allow for one arm out, while keeping good back support.)



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Meet Mark and our new, versatile carrier

I was never a big fan of baby carriers. Prams though are big, chunky, wastes of space in my car boot. I have 6 children and another imminently due. My wife has bought prams, so many prams and barely used them, just wasted space storing them. She uses carriers, woven wraps and ring slings. She never pushed me to use any. She knew I didn’t want to. That’s what hands are for, right? Wrong! My oldest child is grown up. It took until 18 months ago for me to want to use a carrier, to see the benefit of a carrier over using my arms. I’ve spent that time trying a lot of carriers out. I may be fussy, it may be my build, but I can only truthfully, comfortably use 2 buckled carriers.

The One that changed my mind.

The Connecta Baby Carrier, simplicity at it’s best. I’ve watched my wife use woven wraps, standing by the car for 20-30 seconds feels like forever (I know it’s not and I can now use woven wraps too). So what changed? My wife was busy working for a brand one day with an overtired baby and bags full of carriers. Myself and our children had gone too, to allow the children time at the beach where she was. It just happened. I picked up a Connecta Baby Carrier and put it on. It looked simple, it was simple, 3 easy buckles, with the straps crossed at the back, easy. From the first time I tried it, I managed solo. It was comfortable. That was the beginning…

I’ve since worked at the  PBC Expo (Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo) and at various other events, helping other people find the perfect carrier too. I’ve undertaken Babywearing Consultancy training through the world renown Die Trageschule. This is where I found my appreciation for woven wraps and ring slings. It’s also where I first saw the second comfortable carrier – The Ruckeli baby to toddler carrier.

Having had opportunity to try so many different carriers, the Ergo, Manduca, Tula, Beco, Boba, Kokadi Flip…the list goes on…I found them either too small, restrictive on my shoulders or just ‘not quite right’. My frame, to give you an indication is currently 115kg, with most of the weight in my shoulders and upper torso (think triangle). What makes the Ruckeli different?

Ruckeli, a baby carrier designed by Dads.

If you’d like to try on the Ruckeli carrier, email me You can also buy these here:

1. It packs away – I don’t need a pram or a bag to throw it in.

2. It has a unique design feature, which works as a safety mechanism. There’s no worrying about supporting baby while wrestling to fasten shoulder straps.

3. It may look complicated, but it’s actually really simple and easy to use.

4. It fits my 3 year old and it will fit my impending arrival, without needing an infant insert. The adjustments are easy to make and it is supportive for the wide range in baby, toddler and preschool size little ones.

5. The excess strap lengths have nifty elastics on the end to keep them out of the way.

6 and 7. It’s soft. All padding and shell is soft, organic cotton and it isn’t bulky!

8. Leaky nappy? I haven’t experienced this in a carrier, but should it happen with our soon to arrive baby, the inside of the body panel detaches to wash, saving both the drying time and saving the buckles from unnecessary washing machine bashing.

9. It fits me. I don’t need the waist extension straps (which are available). It fits my average sized 10 year old. It fits a newborn, it fits my 3 year old. It’s completely versatile between sizes!

Miss 10 with Miss 3 in a back carry

Amber with her 7 month old baby

Amanda with her 22 month old

The back of a Ruckeli carrier. Baby in the picture is 12 months old

Always make sure your baby is safe, as you would a car seat, by following the manufacturers instructions. We also recommend the following ‘Visible and Kissable’. Follow the link to Health Canada for further details:

And TICKS for optimal positioning:

TICKS was created by a Uk Consortium, including the owner of Connecta Baby Carriers. Ruckeli is German design and made and a listed partner of Trageschule Berlin along with Fidella, with various other Trageschules, including Austria and Switzerland demonstrating the brand on courses.

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Summer Babywearing

Summer babywearing – our experience and advise *updated January 2018*

With four 5 children, we’ve used and tried a lot of carriers, slings and wraps over the years. Here are our thoughts.

Airflow: ring slings and buckled carriers allow air to flow from the sides, whereas a woven wrap has covered sides when used.

Lightweight: ring slings are light weight. The lightest material is linen, so coolest for summer. Carriers can be bulky, so although your little one may feel airflow (so long as it’s not a carrier that needs an infant insert for a young baby), you may not. Integra Baby Carriers and Connecta Baby Carriers are made differently. They lack the bulk of other carriers.

Comfy Joey: these ring slings weight approximately 300g. Much lighter than cotton, hemp etc

Integra Baby/Connecta Baby Carrier: these weigh from 350g to approximately 450g. A better option than other carriers, which usually weight above 650g (a comparison of these two brands can be found here)

We’ve created a handy area on our website, where you can view those carriers and slings that we feel are the best for summer: here

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Babywearing Lego Figures!

Who’d have thought it, there are now baby wearing lego figures available! We have some here at Carry My Baby. Due to our dismal exchange rate currently, we have them available at cost price too! In the package comes a classic yellow lego figure, along with a baby carrier and classic yellow lego baby.

We do have a few skin tone lego figures and babies, so if you’d like a variation, get in touch