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Carries by Size (Woven Wraps)

Carries by Size (Woven Wraps)

This should help as an overview for what carries are attainable in your chosen size of woven wrap. Please bear in mind that if you are fluffy, you may need to follow the guide a woven wrap size smaller and if you’re petite, you may be able to tie carries that are for a size longer. This list is not exhausted, there will me more carries that aren’t coming to my mind at the moment.

Size 2:

Double Hammock rebozo

Half Jordan’s back carry

Rebozo carry (front, hip of back)

Ruck (tied at shoulder, tied under bum)

Shepherd’s Carry

Torso Carry

Size 3:

All of the above and…

Double Hammock Torso carry

Double Rebozo (RRRR)

Half Jordan’s back carry

Kangaroo Carry

Short Back Cross Carry

Size 4:

All of the above and…

Double Hammock (tied at shoulder)

Front Wrap Cross Carry (tied under bum)

Poppin’s Hip Carry

Robbin’s Hip Carry


Size 5:

All of the above and…

Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S)

Jordan’s Back Carry

Ruck tied Tibetan

Size 6:

All of the above and…

Double Hammock

Front Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry

Secure High Back Carry

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