Sling Libraries

If you are part of a sling group and would like to take part in hosting our travelling carriers, get in touch.

There are travelling carriers and ring slings for sling groups to try here in Australia. Along with the benefit of your group being able to see and feel how lightweight and comfortable the carriers are, there is a bonus group attendees: 
if you have tried it, love it and would like to purchase one, support local and buy from us and we will refund $10 to you. All you need to do is email us with an image of you trying one of our travelling carriers (that you give us permission to share on social media) and you will receive your money within 5 business days.

We also offer special discounts for Sling Groups to purchase items for their sling libraries on select brands.

Current travelling carriers:

Connecta Baby Carrier

Connecta Toddler Carrier

Connecta PreSchool Carrier

Ruckeli Baby to Toddler Carrier

Tula Baby Carrier

Integra Baby Carrier – Solar (suitable for use in water)