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In My Pouch

Author: Kirryn  

Hi everyone,

It's Kirryn here. I have closed In My Pouch. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of my small business. As life changes, babies get bigger, other commitments arrive, I felt this was best for me and my family. I haven't disappeared completely though - I'm now working at Carry My Baby. My Facebook page is here, you can follow it for updates. There's also a Carry My Baby Facebook group, where you can find out all of the latest news.

For ordering on the Carry my Baby website, please add my name (in capitals, so KIRRYN) to your checkout coupon box. It helps me and it helps you (with a sneaky discount. I'm sorry, the discount can't be added to Tula purchases though, our wholesale agreement doesn't allow it).

Lastly, if you're local to me, please, please make sure you add my name at checkout. Our local sling library will get a free item with every 10 times that my name is mentioned! If you haven't joined already, here's the link to the Maitland and Hunter babywearing group

Kirryn x