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Connecta vs Integra Baby

For those of you who know and love Connecta Baby Carriers, you may be wondering what is going on! Here’s a quick run down of the new Integra Baby (photos will follow soon):

Until 2017, Connecta Baby Carrier was owned by Sarah Sadler. Having worked hard on a great design, she wanted to keep helping people carry their babies close and so the new carrier Integra Baby was born. The design is oh, so similar…
The fit and feel is that of the Connecta Baby Carrier.
The hood has a curve shape to the top for added head support for tiny babies.
There is elastic on the ends of the webbing to neatly tuck esxcess of the straps away.
There is a loop on the waist webbing to secure the cinche strap – a real saver for anyone who keeps loosing their cinche straps (this would be me!)
The shoulder straps are dual adjustable.
There is slightly more padding to the shoulder straps.
I personally love Connecta Baby Carriers and now also love Integra Baby Carriers. They are similar enough that if you are familiar with one, the other will feel the same in comfort, security, breathability.
While Sarah Sadler no longer owns Connecta Baby Carrier, both companies exist and carriers by both brands are in manufacture currently. If you love one, you’ll also love the other.
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