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Specials, start of February 2017

Date Posted:6 February 2017 


We've had such a chaotic week, including two emergency department visits, so sorry for the delay in sending out the Weekly Specials. Fortunately, one is on his way to being fixed and the other is temporarily under control (he'll need an operation at some point but mr 9 is back to his usual happy self)

So, what's the deal this week?
It will last until the 17th February! So, no email this Friday, I don't want to bombard you

We've kept the Free Shipping on orders over just $50 for the duration of this offer too! Bargain!

All woven wraps, are 30% off, using code WOVEN
That means you can get a woven wrap, delivered to your door for super cheap!

Please tell your friends too. We love enablers and it's always good to share the news of bargains :)

All the best,

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