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Summer Babywearing

Date Posted:17 October 2015 

With 4 children, we've used and tried a lot of carriers, slings and wraps over the years. Here are our thoughts.

Airflow: ring slings and buckled carriers allow air to flow from the sides, whereas a woven wrap has covered sides when used.


Lightweight: ring slings are light weight. The lightest material is linen, so coolest for summer. Carriers can be bulky, so although your little one may feel airflow (so long as it's not a carrier that needs an infant insert for a young baby), you may not. Connecta Baby Carriers are made differently. They lack the bulk of other carriers. 


Comfy Joey: these ring slings weight approximately 300g. Much lighter than cotton, hemp etc


Connecta Baby Carrier: these weigh from 350g to approximately 450g. A better option than other carriers, which usually weight above 650g

We've created a handy area on our website, where you can view those carriers and slings that we feel are the best for summer: here


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